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1/6計画/スタンプノベルティ くまぶりっく マーブルカラー

2015/03/21 — project1/6[1/6計画]情報 — project 1/6

くまぶりっく(マーブルカラー) けいこういえろー×くりあ / けいこうぴんく×くりあ / けいこうみどり×くりあ


けいこういえろー×くりあ / けいこうぴんく×くりあ /





お問合せ先/1/6計画(project 1/6) TEL.03-3467-7676
Project 1/6/The Stamp Novelty “KUMABRICK (Marble colors)”

Launching Tuesday, March 24th (Tue)

You can get one in exchcange for 30 stamps!
“KUMABRICK (Marble colors)” Yellow highlighter x Clear /
Pink highlighter x Clear Green highlighter x Clear

[Project 1/6 Present campaign]
You get one stamp per 1,000 Yen purchase at Project 1/6 store.
Collect stamps and get fabulous items (The items are not for sale)!

※Please ask the store staff about campaign details.
※Sorry, no stamps for internet purchases. 
※The campaign ends as the stock runs out without prior notice.
※We will collect the used stamp card.

We look forward to your visit at Project 1/6

Contact info. /Project 1/6 TEL.03-3467-7676

Sync. PUSHEAD bloodwipe snotBlower/3月28日(土)より

2015/03/21 — Sync.情報 — 企画開発部

Sync. PUSHEAD bloodwipe snotBlower
Sync. PUSHEAD bloodwipe snotBlower


お問合せ先/1/6計画(project 1/6) TEL.03-3467-7676
Sync. PUSHEAD bloodwipe snotBlower/Launching March 28th (Sat)

Sync. PUSHEAD bloodwipe snotBlower
Retail price: 15,984 Yen (tax included)

※The items are limited in quantity. Sales will ends when the stock is sold out.
※Available at Project1/6 direct stores and Sync. official online store.
・Sync. official online store
Contact info. /Project 1/6 TEL.03-3467-7676

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