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「ピコピコ大博覧会 WEB」開催のお知らせ/5月19日(土)12時より

2018/05/16 — お知らせ — 営業本部

「ピコピコ大博覧会 WEB」開催のお知らせ/5月19日(土)12時より
MEDICOM TOY PLUSにて開催された「ピコピコ大博覧会」の一部商品を
WEBでご購入いただける「ピコピコ大博覧会 WEB」を開催いたします!
アーティスト カスタム商品・博覧会限定商品をご購入いただけるチャンスです!

5月19日(土) 12:00 ~ C.J.MART(海外限定)

5月21日(月) 12:00 ~ C.J.MART


お問合せ先 /
メディコム・トイ ユーザーサポート TEL.03-3460-7555
Advance Notice on “The Grand Exhibition of PICOPICO WEB” /
Starting From 12pm, May 19th (Sat.)

The Grand Exhibition of PICOPICO, held by MEDICOM TOY PLUS is coming online!

During “The Grand Exhibition of PICOPICO WEB” event period,
some of the exhibition items will be available to purchase on the website.

We’ve been receiving a lot of requests from people home and
abroad who didn’t make it to the Grand Exhibition early this May.
That’s why it is coming back again, this time ONLINE.

For those who was not that lucky for the draw-deciding first day admission,
here is also your chance to get the artist custom exclusive item!

Come and visit our site. Don’t miss the chance.

May 19th(Sat.) 12:00 ~ C.J.MART (Outside Japan Only)
※Please take note that purchases cannot be made from Japan.
_We appreciate your understanding.

May 21st(Mon.) 12:00 ~ C.J.MART

※Items are available on first come, first served basis.
_Customers from Japan can participate.

For inquires/
MEDICOM TOY User Support TEL.03-3460-7555


2018/05/16 — 限定品情報 — 営業本部

頒布価格¥1,852 (※別途消費税を頂戴いたします。)

・Project1/6 楽天市場店
・Project1/6 Yahoo!ショッピングストア店
PICOPICO Great Exposition Catalog
Retail price : 1,852 Yen (tax excluded)

・Project1/6 Rakuten Ichiba Store
・Project1/6 Yahoo!Shopping Store

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