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VCD 東京トガリ (ヨコハマ限定カラー)/12月23日(水)より

2020/12/20 — 限定品情報 — 企画開発部

VCD 東京トガリ (ヨコハマ限定カラー)
VCD 東京トガリ (ヨコハマ限定カラー)


VCD 東京トガリ (ヨコハマ限定カラー)を横浜人形の家2階にて
12月23日(水) 9:30より販売!


HP: https://doll-museum.jp
VCD Tokyo Togari(Yokohama limited color)/launching December 23rd (Wed)

VCD Tokyo Togari (Yokohama limited color)
Retail price : 10,000 Yen (tax excluded)

“Tokyo Togari, I’m in Yokohama!” Commemoration!
Launching of VCD Tokyo Togari(Yokohama limited color) at 9:30 on Dec.23rd(Wed)
at the Yokohama Doll Museum(2F)!

・One payment transaction per item only.
・Payment by Cash only (at the special event space on the 2nd floor).
・We do not sell online or reserve products.
・Please note that we cannot answer inquiries for the quantity in stock after sales started.
・To lower risk of Covid-19 infection, we will control the number of customers
 in the special event space. Please follow instructions of the store staff.
・Please do not line up the day before or early in the morning as it will be
 a nuisance to the neighborhood.
・No admission ticket to the museum or Tokyo Togari exhibition
 is required to purchase products.

HP: https://doll-museum.jp 

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