BE@RBRICK 着ぐるみペコちゃん 400%/12月6日(金)より

2013/11/29 — BE@RBRICK情報 — 広報宣伝部

BE@RBRICK 着ぐるみペコちゃん 400%

BE@RBRICK 着ぐるみペコちゃん 400%

12月6日(金) 10:30より不二家ネットショップ


販売元/株式会社 不二家

お問合せ先/株式会社 不二家
お客様サービス室 TEL.0120-047228

BE@RBRICK Costume Peco Chan 400%/Launching December 6th

BE@RBRICK Costume Peco Chan 400%
Sales price: 9,975 yen (tax included)

The 5th BE@RBRICK from FUJIYA is BE@RBRICK Costume Peco Chan 400%
wearing a Milky Candy motif designed bear costume with pop colors of blue and pink.
Milky candy wrapping is printed on the back which is fully loaded with FUJIYA taste.
This BE@RBRICK will be sold from December 6th (Fri) 10:30AM at
FUJIYA Net shop [Family town(].

NOTE: These are limited edition items so we will stop selling
when we run out of stocks.

Distribution, Inquiry/FUJIYA CO.,LTD
customer service TEL.0120-047228

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