RAH 鮎川夢子 /2月7日(金)23:59まで

2014/02/04 — 限定品情報 — 企画開発部

RAH 鮎川夢子

RAH 鮎川夢子



※受注申込期間 2013年12月20日(金)0:00〜2014年2月7日(金)23:59

・商品詳細&MEDICOM TOYプレミアムクラブ
RAH Yumeko Ayukawa/Pre-order term extended until 23:59 Friday February 7.

RAH Yumeko Ayukawa
Retail price: 23,800 Yen (tax excluded)
※Tax different.

We are excited to announce that production has
been fixed since the pre-order quantity exceeded a certain number!
Thank you for the customers who have ordered this item.
We are going to extend the pre-order period to 23:59 Friday February 7 to
celebrate the commodification of the product!

Pre-order for “Dameko” figure which was originally given from Kenji
Otsuki to Shokotan as a gift at Shoko Nakagawa Chaos Z Tour Finals
@ Zepp Osaka Namba (11/4)!
After the production release, the figure might be sold in the certain events.

※Ordering term: 2013 December 20th (Fri) 0:00AM to
_2014 February 7th (Fri) 23:59PM
※Delivery planned in September 2014.
※The sample shown is the original figure given to Shokotan.
_Products may be slightly different from the photo.

・Item information & MEDICOM TOY Premium Club

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