BE@RBRICK ACT 舞台「私のホストちゃん~血闘!福岡中洲編~」/12月5日(金)より

2014/11/28 — BE@RBRICK情報 — 広報宣伝部

BE@RBRICK ACT 舞台「私のホストちゃん~血闘!福岡中洲編~」
BE@RBRICK ACT 舞台「私のホストちゃん~血闘!福岡中洲編~」



東京公演:12月5日(金) ~ 14日(日)/日本青年館 大ホール


舞台「私のホストちゃん~血闘!福岡中洲編~」 オフィシャルサイト
BE@RBRICK ACT Theater「My Host~Blood Battle!Fukuoka nakasu edition~」/launching December 5th (Fri)

BE@RBRICK ACT Theater「My Host~Blood Battle!Fukuoka nakasu edition~」
Retail price:1,620 Yen (tax included)

Limited edition BE@RBRICK of「My Host~Blood Battle!Fukuoka nakasu edition~」,
the very popular stage that number one host of the day is determined
by the appointed number of customers!
BE@RBRICK limited luxury design with heart-shaped host’s professional name autograph.
The strap type earphone jack pin can be attached to the mobile or bag.
Available at the following theaters.

Tokyo performances: Dec. 5 (Fri)~14 (Sun) / NIPPON SEINEN-KAN HALL
Osaka performances: Dec.26 (Fri),27(Sat)/ Morinomiya Piroti Hall

NOTE: This product might be sold as well as on the HP, etc.
NOTE: Please note that these are limited quantity items so sales will end when stock runs out.

Theater「My Host~Blood Battle!Fukuoka nakasu edition~」official website

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