BE@RBRICK 木梨憲武《のっ手いこー!REACH OUT》100% & 400% /2020年11月1日(日)より

2020/10/31 — BE@RBRICK情報 — 企画開発部

BE@RBRICK 木梨憲武《のっ手いこー!REACH OUT》100% & 400%
BE@RBRICK 木梨憲武《のっ手いこー!REACH OUT》100% & 400%


《のっ手いこー!REACH OUT》の100% & 400%が登場!!
「木梨憲武展 Timing -瞬間の光り-」京都展チケットセット11月1日より抽選受付開始

※BE@RBRICK《のっ手いこー!REACH OUT》の販売は数量を

商品名:BE@RBRICK 木梨憲武《のっ手いこー!REACH OUT》100% & 400%
販売内容:ベアブリック付きチケット 16,800円(税込)

受付期間:11月1日(日) 10:00~11月15日(日) 23:59
当落発表:11月18日(水) 15:00
発券期間:11月18日(水) 15:00~11月23日(月・祝) 23:59
BE@RBRICK Noritake Kinashi《Notteiko-! REACH OUT》100% & 400% /
launching November 1st (Sun)

BE@RBRICK Noritake Kinashi《Notteiko-! REACH OUT》100% & 400%
Retail price : 14,000 Yen (tax excluded)

BE@RBRICK by the artist「Noritake Kinashi」
Launching of BE@RBRICK《Notteiko-! REACH OUT》in 100% and 400% !!
Available at Kyoto exhibition venue in limited quantities.
Lottery registration for Noritake Kinashi「Timing – Light of the moment」
Kyoto exhibition ticket set will start available on November 1st!

※The image is pending licenser’s approval.
  Actual product may slightly different from the image.
※BE@BRICK《Notteiko-! REACH OUT》 will be sold in limited quantities.
  (Apply from the website)
※ If the number of reservations is reached by lottery sales,
there will be no sales at the venue.

Item: BE@RBRICK Noritake Kinashi《Notteiko-! REACH OUT》in 100% and 400%
Sales content:
Ticket with BE@RBRICK 16,800 yen (tax included)
Tickets will be issued at the store, BE@RBRICK will be shipped at a later date
※ System usage fee, ticketing fee and product shipping fee will be charged separately.

Sales Method: Limited quantity sold by lottery with Lawson tickets
Reception period: 11/1 (Sun) 10: 00-11/15 (Sun) 23:59
Winning announcement: 11/18 (Wednesday) 15:00
Ticketing period: 11/18 (Wednesday) 15:00 to 11/23 (Monday / holiday) 23:59
Precautions when applying:
1)Purchase only one item per person
2)Duplicate applications will be invalid


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