OriginalFake AUTUMN CAMPAIGN 第2弾/

2012/09/21 — OriginalFake情報 — OriginalFake



お問合せ先/OriginalFake TEL.03-3499-3333

OriginalFake AUTUMN CAMPAIGN 2nd/starting Saturday, September 22th

We will give out PORTER Original TISSUE CASE (not for sale)
to customers who purchase more than 20,000 Yen (including tax) at
OriginalFake AOYAMA.
This TISSUE CASE is using OriginalFake original fabric.

NOTE: Please note that we will only give out 1pcs for 1 item which is
over 20,000 Yen. Stocks are limited so we may not be able to meet customers
wishes on the color they want. We will end the campaign when stock runs out.

Contact information/OriginalFake TEL.03-3499-3333

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