AKASHIC RECORDS 抽選入店のご案内 10月16日(金)-19日(月)

2020/10/09 — お知らせ — 営業本部

AKASHIC RECORDS 抽選入店のご案内 10月16日(金)-19日(月)
AKASHIC RECORDSは、初日10月16日(金)および、会期中 毎週土・日・月曜日は、
何卒ご了承のほど、 よろしくお願い申し上げます。
10月16日(金)-19日(月) 抽選ページはコチラ




お問い合せ先/POP BY JUN
TEL.03-6452-5027(営業時間 11:00-21:00)
AKASHIC RECORDS Lottery sale information October 16th (Fri) -19th (Mon)

AKASHIC RECORDS admission lottery for October 16th (Fri),
the first day of the exhibition, and Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays
during the exhibition period will be held on the WEB  
in order to prevent a disturbance at the store.
October 16th (Fri) -19th (Mon) Click here for lottery page

※Please apply for the entrance lottery from the link. 
__In addition, when applying, you can choose the desired date of visit,
__You cannot specify the time of arrival. 
__Please note that we will specify the time of arrival from here by email to the winners.
※The lottery acceptance period is from 12:00 on October 9th (Friday) to
__23:59 on October 11th (Sunday).

Available items will be added every weekend, so please look forward to it!
Click here for product details

Contact information / POP BY JUN

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