BE@RBRICK PORTER シルバーメッキ 400%/11月15日(土)より

2014/11/07 — BE@RBRICK情報 — 広報宣伝部

BE@RBRICK PORTER シルバーメッキ 400%
BE@RBRICK PORTER シルバーメッキ 400%

吉田カバン直営店の「クラチカ ヨシダ」と
JR品川駅 エキュート品川 サウス内「PORTER STAND」のみで発売される


販売元/株式会社 吉田

お問合せ先/クラチカヨシダ TEL.03-5464-1766

吉田カバン オフィシャルサイト/
BE@RBRICK PORTER Silver plated 400%/launching November 15th (Sat)

BE@RBRICK PORTER Silver plated 400%
Retail price: 10,368 Yen (tax included)

The Christmas Special released only at YOSHIDA KABAN direct stores
“KURACHIKA YOSHIDA” and “PORTER STAND” in ecute Shinagawa South,
JR Shinagawa station.
The 1st Christmas model numbering of the “1” on its back.

NOTE: Available on Nov. 15(Sat) and Nov. 22(Sat)
NOTE: This item is limited in quantity. Sales will end when the stock runs out.
NOTE: Sold only one piece per transaction.
Please note that numbered tickets may be given out determined on situation.
NOTE: Not sold online or mail order.
NOTE: Visit YOSHIDA KABAN website for the shop details

Distributor/YOSHIDA Co.,Ltd.

Contact information/KURACHIKA YOSHIDA TEL.03-5464-1766

YOSHIDA KABAN Official website/

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