D*FACE新作アイテム発売のお知らせ / 1月1日(水) 11:00より

2013/12/27 — Sync.情報 — LIFE Entertainment事業部

D*Face(TEE "HRH" / TEE "APOPcalypseNOW")

TEE “H.R.H (Her Royal Hideous)”
TEE “APOPcalypseNOW”

“One Man and His Dog”の表紙に採用された
グラフィック”H.R.H (Her Royal Hideous)”。
さらに、立体コラージュ作品”APOPcalypse NOW”を


D*FACE new item information/Launching on January 1st(Wed) from 11:00

TEE “H.R.H (Her Royal Hideous)”
TEE “APOPcalypseNOW”
Sales price: 7,350 yen (tax included)

2 versions of silk screen T-shirt will be released.
First is “H.R.H (Her Royal Hideous)” which was
adopted on the cover for D*FACE’s art book
“One Man and His Dog”(released last month).
Second is “APOPcalypse NOW” which is faithfully reproduced from
three-dimensional collage artwork “APOPcalypse NOW”.

・Sync. official online store

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