UDF ミッフィー/4月15日(水)より

2015/04/13 — 限定品情報 — 企画開発部

UDF ミッフィー
UDF ミッフィー

頒布価格各¥1,080(税込)/ ¥5,400(税込)[6体セット]



東京会場に関するお問合せ:松屋銀座 TEL.03-3567-1211(大代表)

UDF Miffy/launching April 15th(Wed)

UDF Miffy
Retail price each : 1,080 Yen (tax included) / 5,400 Yen (tax included)[Set of 6]

●6 styles available
●Commemorating item for the exhibition “60 years with Miffy”.
_The exhibition will open at the Ginza Matsuya from April 15(wed) to May 10 (Sun)
_and traveling to Aomori, Kobe, Fukuoka, Nagoya and Osaka.
●This product might be sold as well as on the HP, etc.

※The items are limited in quantity.
_Sales will ends when the stock is sold out.
※The image is pending licenser’s approval.Actual product
_may slightly different from the image.

Contact information (for Tokyo Exhibition)/Ginza Matsuya TEL.03-3567-1211

Official website/www.miffy60-exhibition.jp

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