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 Anne Valerie Dupond ONE OF KIND BE@RBRICK 1000%
Anne Valerie Dupond ONE OF KIND BE@RBRICK 1000%

 Anne Valerie Dupond X MAMES BUTTON スタチュー(EDTION30)
Anne Valerie Dupond × MAMES BUTTON スタチュー(EDTION30)



1) 各店舗へご来店の際は、お客様自身の体調を第一にお考えいただき、

2) 店内へご入店の際は必ずマスクを着用いただき、

3) 店内外では、ソーシャルディスタンス(社会的距離)を

4) ご来店状況により、店内へご入店いただける人数を制限する場合がございます。

5) 各店舗の限定商品の抽選販売時に店舗前にお並びになる際も、

6) コロナウイルス感染拡大防止のため、

7) 国内の感染状況により、営業期間及び営業時間が変更となる場合がございます。

TEL.03-6452-5003 (営業時間 11:30-19:30)
Reopening of MAMES solo exhibition “DESTINY LAND”

MAMES Solo Exhibition”DestinyLand” which was suspended due to
Shibuya PARCO temporary closer will be resumed from June 1st(Mon).

Lottery sale for new products will be started as well.

Anne Valerie Dupond ONE OF KIND BE@RBRICK 1000%
retail price each:385,840 Yen (tax included・postage included)

retail price:198,000 Yen (tax included)

End of application period: 2020/6/30
*We may close the application period before this date without prior notice.

When visiting the store, please follow the protocols below.

1) When visiting the store, please consider your physical condition first
and refrain from visiting the store if you have any concerns
about your physical condition.

2) It is mandatory to wear a mask when entering the store,
and use hand sanitizer at the entrance.

3) Please keep social distancing inside or outside the store.
Also when serving customers which includes the cashier,
we will keep social distancing of 1.5 to 2m as specified by the government.

4) The number of people entering the store may be limited.
If you wait outside the store, please follow the instructions of the store staff.

5) Please keep social distance even when you are lined up outside the store
for the limited items lottery sale. Please follow the instructions of the store staff.

6) To lower risk of Covid-19 infection, if you do not follow the above protocols,
you may be refused entry or you may be asked to leave.

7) Please note that business hours may change depending on the pandemic situation
in Japan.

Contact information/2G
TEL.03-6452-5003(hours 11:30-19:30)

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