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2012/07/06 — project1/6[1/6計画]情報 — project 1/6

おたよりくまぶりっく 1/6計画限定




お問合せ先/1/6計画(project 1/6) TEL.03-3467-7676

project 1/6/Project 1/6 PRESENT CAMPAIGN

Collect 10 stamps and you get a present!
Otayori Kumabrick Project 1/6 ver.

Project 1/6 present campaign
Win great and NOT FOR SALE presents by collecting stamps.
You can get one stamp when purchasing over 1,000 Yen at Project 1/6.

NOTE: Please contact store for campaign information.
NOTE: Please choose from one color when exchanging presents after collecting 10 stamps.
NOTE: Please be forewarned that mail and internet order will not be
eligible for the campaign.
NOTE: Please be forewarned that we will end the campaign when all prize run out.

We are also preordering new items
so please drop by our store on this occasion.

Contact information/project 1/6 TEL.03-3467-7676

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