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1/6計画/BE@RBRICK SERIES 25発売記念キャンペーン

2012/12/21 — BE@RBRICK情報 — project 1/6

1/6計画ではBE@RBRICK SERIES 25の発売を記念して
BE@RBRICK SERIES 25を中心とした対象商品10点お買い上げ毎に
非売品BE@RBRICKや、1000% BE@RBRICKなどの



お問合せ先/1/6計画(project 1/6) TEL.03-3467-7676

Project 1/6/BE@BRICK SERIES 25 product release campaign

Project 1/6 will run a BE@RBRICK SERIES 25 release campaign.
Every time you purchase 10 items of BE@RBRICK SERIES 25 or
other target items, you will have a chance to win Not For Sale
BE@RBRICK, 1000% BE@RBRICK and other gorgeous gifts.
We look forward for your visit to our store!

Campaign term:
Friday, December 21st 2012 to Thursday, January 31st 2013

We may end this campaign without prior notice. Please be forewarned.
This campaign is not for online purchase.
Please contact store for campaign information.

Contact information/project 1/6 TEL.03-3467-7676

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