AKASHIC RECORDS 抽選入店のご案内 10月24日(土)-26日(月)

2020/10/16 — お知らせ — 営業本部

AKASHIC RECORDS 抽選入店のご案内 10月24日(土)-26日(月)
AKASHIC RECORDSは、会期中 毎週土・日・月曜日は、
何卒ご了承のほど、 よろしくお願い申し上げます。
10月24日(土)-26日(月) 抽選ページはコチラ




お問い合せ先/POP BY JUN
TEL.03-6452-5027(営業時間 11:00-21:00)
AKASHIC RECORDS Lottery sale information October 24th (Sat)-26th (Mon)

AKASHIC RECORDS admission lottery for Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays
during the exhibition period will be held on the WEB
in order to prevent a disturbance at the store.
October 24th (Sat) -26th (Mon) Click here for lottery page

※Please apply for the entrance lottery from the link.
__In addition, when applying, you can choose the desired date of visit,
__You cannot specify the time of arrival.
__Please note that we will specify the time of arrival from here by email to the winners.
※The lottery acceptance period is from 12:00 on October 16th (Friday) to
__23:59 on October 18th (Sunday).

Available items will be added every weekend, so please look forward to it!
Click here for product details

Contact information / POP BY JUN


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